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3 benefits of using thickeners to stabilize emulsions

2023-10-31 10:10:26

Thickener is a chemical substance widely used in cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals and other industrial fields. It can increase the viscosity and concentration of liquids and change their fluidity. Thickeners have many functions, one of the main functions being to stabilize emulsions.


An emulsion is a mixture of two or more mutually insoluble liquids, one of which is dispersed inside the other to form a small granular structure. Lotion is very important for many cosmetics because it provides a great texture and application experience. However, instability can easily occur during the production process, such as sedimentation, delamination, and loss of consistency. At this time, the thickener can stabilize the emulsion.


Here are 3 major benefits of thickener-stabilized lotions:

improve product quality
Thickeners can make emulsions more stable and avoid problems such as stratification and precipitation, thereby improving product quality. At the same time, thickeners can also improve the fluidity and viscosity of the lotion, making it more convenient and comfortable to use.

Extend product life
Thickeners prevent the ingredients in the lotion from breaking down and breaking down, thereby extending the life of the product. If a lotion is unstable, its composition will change, affecting the efficacy and quality of the product. By adding thickeners, the stability of the product during storage and use can be ensured.

Increase productivity
Stable emulsions can make the production process more stable and efficient. Because the addition of thickener can reduce the difficulty of making emulsion, simplify the operation process, improve process efficiency, thereby saving production costs.


How to choose a high-quality thickener?
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3 benefits of using thickeners to stabilize emulsions


In short, thickener is a very important chemical substance that has a great influence on the stability of emulsion. By adding thickener, product quality can be improved, product life can be extended, and production efficiency can be improved. Although thickeners have many benefits, you also need to pay attention to the safety and rationality of their use. When using, it needs to be selected and added according to the needs and formula requirements of the specific product.

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