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Introduction to Sucralose

2023-02-14 11:02:41

Product Information 

Alias: sucralose                                                                    
Water solubility: highly soluble in water
Chemical formula: C12H19Cl3O8                                     
Density: 1.66 g/cm ³ (20℃)
Molecular weight: 397.64                                                   
Appearance: white to nearly white crystalline powder, odorless, non-hygroscopic
Hazard symbol: Xi
 Hazard description: R36/37/38
Melting point: 125 ℃                                                             
Sweetness: 400~800 times of sucrose


Sucralose is commonly used in beverages. Generally speaking, the added amount of sucrose in drinks is usually concentrated at 8% - 10%. If the ratio of sucralose to sucrose is used, 0.013% - 0.016% of sucralose should be added. That is to say, in a 1000kg beverage, at most 130-160g of sucralose can be added to ensure that the beverage has a good sweetness.

sucralose sucralose 

Baked Goods
Because sucralose has the advantages of high-temperature resistance and low calorific value, it is widely used in baked foods. The sweetness of sucralose products heated at high temperatures will not change, and there is no measurable loss. It is common to add sucralose to baked cakes and candies.

Candied food
Sucralose was used in candied foods with the addition controlled at 0.15 g/kg. The main reason is that sucralose has good permeability, which ensures sweetness while avoiding other reactions.


Development prospects
Sucralose has been widely used in more than 400 foods, including carbonated drinks, airless drinks, alcohol, canned sweet fruits and vegetables, pickled foods and condiments, jam, baked foods, ice cream, dairy products, breakfast cereals, daily sweeteners, etc. Low-calorie beverages are the largest market for artificial sweeteners, with 87 million consumers in the United States alone. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have successively launched low-calorie beverages using sucralose as a sweetener and will be the focus of market promotion in the future, which will undoubtedly greatly increase the market demand for sucralose.

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