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Introduction to Trehalose

2023-03-01 11:03:27

Product Information

Chemical formula: C12H22O11
Molecular weight: 342.297
Melting point: 214 ℃
Boiling point: 397.76 ℃
Water solubility: 68.9g/100g water (25 ℃)
Density: 1.512 g/cm ³


Food industry
In the food industry, trehalose is now being developed and researched for multiple purposes based on its non-reducing, moisturizing, anti-freezing, and drying resistance, high-quality sweetness, energy source, and other functions and characteristics. Trehalose products can be applied to various foods and condiments, which can greatly improve the quality of food and increase the variety of food, and promote the further development of the food industry.

Trehalose productsTrehalose productsPharmaceutical industry
Trehalose can be used as a stabilizer of reagents and diagnostic drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. At present, the application of trehalose in many aspects is being explored based on its non-reducibility, stability, protection of biological macromolecules, and energy supply.
Because trehalose has a strong moisturizing effect, sunscreen, UV protection, and other physiological effects, it can be added to lotion, facial masks, essence, and facial cleanser as a moisturizer, protector, etc., and can also be used as a sweetener and quality improver for lipstick, oral cleanser, oral fragrance, etc. 

Trehalose productsTrehalose products



Stability and safety
Trehalose is the most stable of natural disaccharides. Due to its non-reducibility, it has very good stability to heat, acid, and alkali. When coexisting with amino acids and proteins, the Maillard reaction will not occur even if heated. It can be used to treat foods and beverages that need to be heated or stored at high temperatures.
 Low moisture absorption
Trehalose also has low hygroscopic properties. Applying trehalose to this kind of food can reduce the hygroscopicity of the food, thus effectively extending the shelf life of the product.


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