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Pottasium citrate

E No.:E332
CAS NO.:866-84-2
Einecs No.:212-755-5
Hs code:29181500.00
Payment Term:L/C, D/P, T/T
QC:HACCP, Halal, Kosher, ISO



Product Name: Pottasium  citrate Batch No: 22011001 Package: 25kg/Bag
Mfg. Date: 10 Jan. 2022  Expi Date: 09 Jan. 2024 Quantity: 3500kg
Test Item Test Base Test Result
Assay % 99.0-100.5 99.4
Identification Pass test Pass test
Impurity Pass test Pass test
Tartrate Pass test Pass test
Chlorides ≤% 0.005 <0.005
Sulphates ≤% 0.01 <0.01
Oxalates ≤% 0.03 <0.03
Arsenic ppm ≤ 1 <1
Lead ppm ≤ 2 <2
Mercury ppm ≤ 1 <1
Heavy metal(Pb) ≤% 0.001 <0.001
Sodium base ≤% 0.3 <0.3
Loss on drying ≤% 3.0-6.0 5.3
Alkalinity Accord with the test Accord with the test
Easy carbonize substance Accord with the test Accord with the test
Potassium Pass the test Pass the test
Citrate Pass the test Pass the test

Potassium citrate is an effective way to treat/manage gout and arrhythmia,if the patient is hypokalemic.

It is widely used to treat urinary calculi (kidney stones), and is often used by patients with cystinuria. A systematic review showed a significant reduction in the incidence of stone formation

It is also used as an alkalizing agent in the treatment of mild urinary tract infections, such as cystitis.

It is also used in many soft drinks as a buffering agent.

Frequently used in an aqueous solution with other potassium salts, it is a wet chemical fire suppressant that is particularly useful against kitchen fires.Its alkaline pH encourages saponification to insulate the fuel from oxidizing air, and the endothermic dehydration reaction absorbs heat energy to reduce temperatures.


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