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Introduction to Agar agar

2023-03-08 09:03:56

Product Information

Nickname: watercress, frozen powder, agar, the essence of swallows
Main raw materials: cauliflower, Jiangli
Whether it contains preservatives No
Main nutritional ingredients: dietary fiber and protein are mainly used to detoxify and beautify skin, purge fire, moisten intestines, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar and prevent cancer
Suitable crowd: edible for general people, especially for obese patients, hypertension and hyperlipidemia
Edible storage method: dry, avoid storage with odors


Food application:
A fruit orange drink
Using agar as a suspending agent with a concentration of 0.01~0.05% can make the particles uniformly suspended.
Agar is used in beverage products. Its function is to suspend the solid in the beverage evenly without sinking.
It is characterized by long suspension time and shelf life, which cannot be replaced by other suspension agents. Good transparency, good fluidity, and a smooth taste without peculiar smells.

Fruit jelly
The amount of agar used is about 2.5%. Soft candy made with glucose solution and white granulated sugar is much better in transparency and taste than other soft candy.
Agar is used in solid foods. Its function is to solidify and form colloid, which is used as the main raw material to mix other auxiliary materials, such as sugar solution, granulated sugar, spices, etc.
Canned meat and meat products
0.2~0.5% agar can form an effective gel for binding meat fragments.


Other industries:

Beer clarifier
Agar was used as an auxiliary clarifier to accelerate and improve clarification.


Characteristics of high-quality agar
 White and bright, clean and transparent, strong elasticity, tenacity, and fastness.
Characteristics of inferior agar
The color is yellow and dark. It is opaque, weak in elasticity, hard and brittle, and not tough.
Characteristics of false agar
The appearance is white without luster, with high impurity content and poor transparency (note: a large number of insoluble substances in water can be found after the solution of 1% concentration is dissolved). If you soak it in cold or warm water for about 30 minutes, it will soon absorb water and swell and recover, but real agar does not have this phenomenon.

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