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Introduction to Albendazole

2023-03-08 10:03:15

Production Information

Chemical formula: C12H15N3O2S
Molecular weight: 265.331
Melting point: 207 to 211 ℃
Water solubility: insoluble
Density: 1.3 g/cm ³
Appearance: white to light yellow crystalline powder
Safety description: S26; S37/39; S45; S53
Hazard symbol: T
Hazard description: R36/37/38; R61


It is mainly used as an effective and broad-spectrum insecticide, which is one of the benzimidazole drugs with a wide spectrum of insecticides and the strongest insecticidal effect. It is applicable to expel roundworms, pinworms, hookworm, and whipworm, treat various types of cysticercosis and also can be used to expel worms in domestic animals.

Points for  attention
1. A few cases have mild headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dry mouth, fatigue, and other adverse reactions, which can disappear without treatment.
2. Prohibited for children under 2 years old and pregnant women.
3. It is not suitable for patients with acute disease, proteinuria, purulent or diffuse dermatitis, epilepsy, and lactating women. Patients with severe liver, kidney, heart insufficiency, and active ulcer disease should be cautious.
4. A few patients may have the effect of disinsectization from 3 to 10 days after taking the medicine.

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