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Introduction to Aspartame

2023-02-07 10:02:56

Product information

Melting point: 242-248 ° C                                                                              Acidity coefficient (pKa): pKa3.19 ± 0.01 (H2Ot=25.0I=0.100 (NaCl))
Specific rotation: 15.5 º (c=4,15Nformicacid)                                               Form: Powder
Boiling point: 436.08 ° C (rough estimate)                                                   Color: White
Density: 1.2051 (rough estimate)                                                                    Odor: odorlesswithasweettaste
Refractive index: 14.5 ° (C=4,15mol/L FormicAcid)                                   PH value: pH (8g/l, 25 ℃): 4.5 ~ 6.0
Storage condition: 2-8 ° C                                                                                Stability: Stable.Incompatiblewithstrongoxidizingagents


Beverage industry: carbonated beverage is the most widely used beverage of aspartame, such as delicious. In the soft drink family, in addition to carbonated drinks, the demand and use of aspartame for fruit and vegetable juice and tea drinks are also increasing. At the same time, aspartame can also be used in fruit juice and milk drinks. In addition, aspartame has an obvious synergistic effect on natural flavor.

Ice cream and frozen desserts: ice cream is a high-sugar and high-oil product with high calorific value, resulting in many people being afraid of it. The ice cream industry urgently needs to upgrade its products through technological innovation in order to strengthen its market competitiveness. 




Infant food, milk powder, and soymilk powder: A large amount of sucrose is mostly used in infant food, milk powder, and soymilk powder. Excessive intake of sucrose will lead to infant obesity, which is not conducive to infant development. Therefore, aspartame with high sweetness and low calories can be used to replace sucrose in such food.
4. Candy and pharmaceutical preparations: aspartame is widely used in candy, chocolate, and other products because it not only has low calories but also has the effect of preventing dental caries. In recent years, the demand for aspartame in some pharmaceutical preparations, such as some drug-effervescent tablets, vitamin C, calcium tablets, and other products is also increasing.

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