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Neotame, also known by the trade name Newtame, is a non-caloric artificial sweetener and aspartame analog by NutraSweet. By mass, it is 8000 times sweeter than sucrose. It has no notable off-flavors when compared to sucrose. It enhances original food flavors. It can be used alone, but is often mixed with other sweeteners to increase their individual sweetness (i.e. synergistic effect) and decrease their off-flavors (e.g. saccharin). It is chemically somewhat more stable than aspartame. Its use can be cost effective in comparison to other sweeteners as smaller amounts of neotame are needed.

It is suitable for use in carbonated soft drinks, yogurts, cakes, drink powders, and bubble gums among other foods. It can be used as a table top sweetener for hot drinks like coffee. It covers bitter tastes (e.g. caffeine).

In 2002, FDA approved it as a non-nutritive sweetener and flavor enhancer within United States in foods generally, except meat and poultry. In 2010, it was approved for use in foods within EU with the E number E961. It has also been approved as an additive in many other countries outside US and EU.

Its metabolism is fast and is not retained in the body. Methanol forms in its metabolism. Only trace amounts of neotame are added to foods, so the amount of methanol is insignificant for health. It is safe for type 2 diabetics and those with phenylketonuria.


FDA permits the USE of Neotame . Neotame is used in + 80 countries in + 1000 Products globally .Neotame is a Non-Nutritive sweetener. It is High Intensity Sweetener ( HIS ) The Sweetness profile is similar to Sucrose and has a Sweet Clean Taste …& no side effects, plus, the sweetness cost is much less than sucrose and aspartame, and widely applied in various food production.Its sweetness ,flavor enhancing,low-energy,stability,metabolic ways and chemically inert make it the newest sweetener for sure.

Neotame E961 can enhance some certain ingredients like mint,as well as restrain the bad smell of bean products. Because of its improvement in taste, the solids in fruit juice could be reduced. It can also reduce the amount of vanillin used in pudding and dairy products, as well as the amount of citric acid in dairy products and fruit products. Neotame can enhance tomato’s flavor in barbecue sauce, improve cereal’s quality.

Neotame can be applied in products including juice,carbonated drinks, solid beverage,dairy products,candy, chewing gum, jelly, baking products,medicine, animal feed,condiment,areca nuts, Supari, mouth freshners …,alcoholic drinks and ice-cream.

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