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Which thickener is suitable for making jelly?

2023-10-12 09:10:55

When making jelly, it is very important to choose the right thickener. Thickeners help the jelly set and give it the desired texture and mouthfeel. Here are some commonly used thickeners and their suitability for making jelly.


Gelatin: Gelatin is a protein substance extracted from animal bones or skin. It is one of the most common and traditional thickeners used in making jellies. Gelatin dissolves when heated and forms a solidified network structure during cooling. This gives the jelly a stretchy and soft texture. Jelly made with gelatin is usually clear and has a smooth and elastic texture.


Pectin: Pectin is a natural polysaccharide extracted from fruits. It is an excellent thickener that quickly forms a gel and gives the jelly the desired consistency. Pectin can combine with pectinase in water to convert juice or fruit juice into jelly. Jellies made with pectin typically have a rich, fruity flavor and a soft texture.


Which thickener is suitable for making jelly?


Vegetable gum: Vegetable gum is a natural gelatinous substance extracted from seaweed. It is a plant-based thickener that is suitable for those making vegetarian jelly or those who need to avoid animal-based ingredients. Rapeseed forms a soft and elastic gel structure that gives jelly its mouthfeel and texture.


Finger glue: Finger glue is a new type of thickener that is widely used in jelly making. It is obtained by modifying starch and has excellent thickening and gelling abilities. Finger glue gradually dissolves as the temperature rises and forms a gel-like substance as the temperature drops. Jello made with finger glue has a silky texture and a longer hold.


Dicalcium phosphate: Dicalcium phosphate is an inorganic salt that can also be used as a thickener in jelly. It reacts with the acid in the juice to form a gel state. The amount of dicalcium phosphate used needs to be adjusted according to the specific recipe and the degree of coagulation required to avoid sedimentation and flavor changes.


best thickener
If you want to choose the best thickener for making jelly, consider trying KemFood, a thickener manufacturer from China. KemFood has extensive experience and expertise and a good reputation in the field of thickeners. They provide a variety of high-quality, safe and reliable thickener products, including gelatin, pectin, vegetable gum and other types. Choosing KemFood's thickener can not only ensure the quality and taste of jelly, but also meet your food safety needs. Whether you are mass-producing or making jelly at home, KemFood can provide you with personalized solutions to help you make delicious jelly products.


When choosing the right thickener, consider the desired texture, flavor and ease of preparation of the jelly. Each thickener has its own unique characteristics and applicable scenarios. If you are vegetarian or sensitive to animal-based ingredients, you can choose a plant-based thickener such as vegetable gum. If you're looking for the clarity and soft texture of jelly, gelatin may be your best choice. Pectin and finger glue are suitable for jellies that want a richer fruit flavor. Depending on your personal preference and ingredient availability, you can try different thickeners to create the perfect jelly. No matter which thickener you choose, be sure to follow the exact recipe and usage instructions to get a great-tasting jelly.

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